Why User Experience Matters: UX Design

By Chase Keating | January 5, 2022

User experience is a huge part of any modern website. Gone are the days when you could simply create a text-based site and expect people to interact with it. The internet has evolved, and so have the expectations of users. This blog post will discuss why UX design is important for your business and how to make sure that you're providing an excellent user experience!

Why Is UX Important?

User experience, or simply "UX", refers to the way that a user feels when using your product. In other words, it's how easy and enjoyable they find interacting with your site as well as how intuitive it is for them to use. It could be argued that these two things are incredibly important because if people don't enjoy using your website, they probably won't come back.

When it comes to the design of a user experience for your product or service, there are certain processes that you can follow in order to make sure you're doing everything right. First and foremost, research should be conducted about how people currently use similar products or services that you offer (or want to). You'll then need to develop personas that represent who these users are exactly - their demographics as well as what motivates them so much they'd actually purchase from you! Once this has been done, testing must take place with real users which will help validate whether any problems exist within the current flow of how people interact with your product/service.


How Does UX Work?

Now that we've discussed why it's important to consider the way people interact with your product, let us turn our attention more specifically towards how you can do this in practice. People often think about steps like designing wireframes and prototypes when they hear "UX design", but there is actually much more involved than just these two things! When creating a website or app, the various elements of the page should be considered for their usability (i.e., if users can accomplish what want them to). Another thing that needs to occur at this stage is ensuring that any interactions are easy-to-use as well as intuitive enough not to require too many steps before getting where they go - after all, a user's time is valuable and they won't want to spend a long period of time on your website.


How Can You Effectively Implement UX Design?

In order to effectively implement UX design into your product or service, you need to make sure that all stakeholders are assigned roles in this work - from designers who will actually do the designing aspects of it as well as developers who will be responsible for building what has been designed! Once everything is ready, testing should commence with real users so that any problems can be identified at an early stage rather than later where changes may cost more money and result in delays. Some good tools for doing this include browser add-ons such as LookBack which records videos while people use the site/app and

Chase Keating is a digital marketing strategist and web designer. Chase writes about all topics regarding marketing!
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