Virtual / Augmented Reality: Marketing Opportunities

By Chase Keating | July 27, 2022

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two of the most exciting new technologies for marketers and businesses. They offer a whole new world of possibilities, and it's time to start exploring them! We'll take you through some of the marketing opportunities that come with augmented or virtual reality so you can get started today.

Marketing Opportunities

Augmented Reality

The first and most obvious opportunity is to create augmented reality campaigns that your customers can engage with through their mobile devices. These campaigns are built to be seen through the camera view on a smartphone or tablet, so they can be added to existing print ads and other marketing materials.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is even more immersive than augmented reality, so you can expect your customers to be completely immersed in the experience. Virtual reality campaigns are typically built with their own websites and apps that work together to take users through an entire campaign or story.

Another way you can use virtual reality is as part of your product development process. Instead of simply creating ideas without being


Top 10 Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns

  1. - IKEA: IKEA created an app called IKEA Place which utilizes augmented reality to allow customers to preview their furniture in their own home through their smartphones before they purchase it.


  1. - Sephora Virtual Artist: Sephora uses augmented reality in its beauty apps for iOS so that users can virtually try on makeup before they buy it or play games with other app users.
  2. - The NBA ran an augmented reality campaign that allowed gamers to shoot hoops with their favorite players.
  3. - Marriott partnered up with virtual reality company zSpace for a series of hotel room design experiences in New York, San Francisco and Hawaii. Customers were able to not only preview the rooms but also experiment with different types of furniture inside them
  4. Another example is Pepsi Max. They used augmented reality to let customers create their own music videos by simply holding up the Pepsi Max can in front of them, and making whatever gestures they wanted!
  5. - Another opportunity is to use virtual reality or 360-degree video technology for marketing purposes. We've seen a whole bunch of brands using this type of content recently, with great success. The most popular area seems to be travel - although we suspect that might have more to do with the fact it's currently summer holidays than anything else! In any case, there are some really cool examples out there worth checking out:
  6. - One example from tourism is VisitScotland. Their campaign involved taking people on a 'virtual tour' through Scotland allowed visitors from places like Australia and the US to experience the country without having to leave their screens.

Augmented Reality Development Tools:

  1. ARKit - Apple's new augmented reality development tool for developers.
  2. Google's ARCore - Google’s own augmented reality tool for developers.
  3. Microsoft's Mixed Reality Toolkit - Microsoft’s toolset for building mixed reality apps and games using Windows Holographic technology in Unity or Visual Studio.
  4. Unity AR - One of the most popular development platforms for virtual and augmented reality
  5. Unreal Engine - Free and paid versions of the Unreal Engine for building VR and AR apps.


Virtual Reality Development Tools

  1. Google's VR SDKs - Google’s own platform for creating apps and games in virtual or augmented reality.
  2. Oculus SDK - Oculus' toolkits for developing content on their respective platforms.
  3. Unity VR - One of the most popular development platforms for virtual and augmented reality
  4. Unreal Engine - Free and paid versions of the Unreal Engine for building VR and AR apps.
  5. OpenVR (Steam) - The Steam platform for virtual reality development.

Virtual Reality Marketing Opportunities




- Here are some additional tips on getting started with AR & VR: How to Get Started With

Blippar: Blippar is an image recognition and augmented reality development platform that makes it easy to add digital services and enhanced content to your real world environment through a smart device camera. It enables brands to engage with their audiences, trigger personalized



  1. Augmented Reality Tools: Layar
  2. - An AR browser with a number of features including the ability to add digital layers to objects in front of you and see information about your surroundings when looking through a mobile device’s camera view.
  3. Other Augmented Reality Development Tools: Metaio, Wikitude, ARToolKit, Vuforia
  4. Virtual Reality Marketing Opportunities
  5. Tools & Platforms: Facebook Spaces , Google Earth VR , Oculus Rift
  6. Marketing Ideas - Use virtual reality technology as part of product development process or previsualization marketing campaigns . For example check out what NASA did at SXSW this year : they had an app that allowed people who didn

- Another marketing opportunity with augmented or virtual reality is using these technologies for product development and customer engagement at events, tradeshows, etc.. For example, if you're hosting a tradeshow booth you can use augmented / virtual reality headsets to give attendees guided tours of your products without having people crowd around your displays all day long. You can also give them live demos of features onsite instead of sending them away with only brochures or pamphlets.

- Augmented and virtual reality are nascent but fascinating new platforms that have huge potential as marketing tools! Check out this article where we take a more detailed look into how both forms of reality

A successful example of this concept is the recent McDonald's campaign that allowed users to bring the fast-food characters they'd see on their television screens into real life. It was an engaging idea and it took off like crazy because people loved seeing Ronald McDonald in real life rather than just on TV!

- Another possibility is virtual reality marketing, which takes augmented reality one step further because your

- Another option for marketers is using virtual reality tools like [Postly](/postly/) to offer a behind-the-scenes look at what it's really like in your business (more on this later). This strategy will help

When it comes to marketing, the possibilities are endless. There is so much that can be done to reach your audience and get them excited about what you have to offer. You may have heard of augmented reality or virtual reality in the news lately, but do you know how they can affect your marketing? We're going to explore some of the ways that these technologies might change the way you market your business in this blog post!

How Can We Help?

At Full Rush Creative, we know how important it is for businesses of all sizes to get started on these new marketing opportunities as quickly as possible. That's why we offer comprehensive content creation services designed specifically for marketers who want to explore virtual reality and augmented realities campaigns but need help getting started! Our team will create high-quality AR/VR experiences using our proven process based on years of helping companies just like yours find success with their online presence. Contact us today

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